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India And Global Trademark watch

Be proactive in monitoring registered marks and figurative trademarks to prevent infringement and misuse of your trademark in a timely manner.

On-Line and Digital Brand Monitoring

Concerned about trademark infringement in the digital realm? Our established tools deliver comprehensive digital brand watch solutions for your trademarks for the 21st century.

Trademark Registration & Renewal

Protect your intellectual property
by registering it today.


This service monitors competitor filing activity. Receive alerts for any Trademarks filed by a third party that you are interested in. The service watches for their applications on a global basis.

Global Company Name Watch

The Company Name Watch alerts you to company and or commercial names published worldwide and in various U.S. States that could conflict with your trademarks.

Additional Watch Services

Learn more about our additional intellectual property monitoring services


Registering a company name with Registrar of Companies is not enough to protect your trademark. It’s important that you register your trademark with Controller General of Patents Designs and Trademarks, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, in the Government of India in order to protect your identity and investments.

A trademark is a symbol; it can be a word, name, picture, label or sound used by a business to differentiate its goods or services from similar goods and services. Trademark authorities exist to ensure that existing trademarks are protected against those that look or sound similar. Once registered, a trademark is a valuable asset for any business as it projects unique positioning to consumers. Registering a trademark will also prevent future disputes and potential litigations, thus allowing brand owners to focus on the important task of building brand trust and familiarity.

Trademark owners can use ™ once the application is accepted by the authority and the marks are published in the Trademark Gazette for opposition from general public, and ® can be used once the registration is completed. The registration is valid for 10 years and will lapse if not renewed.


Once your trademark is registered, you may think you are covered. This is not always the case. New trademark applications are subject to individual judgement by a trademark examiner. An examiner without knowledge of a specific trademark may still approve a new one with competing similarities. Trademark watch is essential to preventing this situation from occurring, and protecting your legal rights.

We see trademarks as unique creations for your brand and design a customized watch parameter for your trademark!

Our trademark watch service offers:

  • A user-friendly online portal to review and store your trademark watch reports
  • Identification of similarities in word meanings, not limited to identical or similar word matches
  • Phonetic (sound) matches
  • Visual resemblances
  • The class and relationship of goods and services through analysis


Covering over 180 available jurisdictions worldwide, our global trademark watch service is built around a state-of-the-art proprietary customized software. This software processes all verbal and figurative trademarks published globally and identifies potentially confusingly similar third-party applications. Our analysts then review the automated results to ensure that you receive the most relevant results.

Whether in Arabic, Cyrillic, Chinese or Japanese, our coverage includes translations and transliterations of non-Latin character marks and the associated goods and services.

The parameters and scope of your subscription can be tailored to meet your specific needs and expectations.

Significant advantages of our trademark watch service include:

  • Cost-effective analysis
  • Timely reports
  • Vetting services designed to eliminate irrelevant notices
  • Complimentary translation services
  • A powerful and flexible watch portal
  • Volume discounts available
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Services designed for the brand owner who is interested in monitoring intellectual property in India only.


Services designed for the brand owner who is interested in monitoring intellectual property in over 180 countries globally.

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