About Us

We have started our journey by launching newspapers in multiple languages across the country and were credited as one of the first Publicly listed media organization in the country, later we worked with the Government of India along with some likeminded people and championed for privatization of FM radio broadcasting in this country and currently owns a popular radio station with presence in all metros across the country .While we cater to the readers and the listeners primarily, we also played an important role in building brands and trademarks for several legendary companies over the last 80 years of our media operations.

Syngience alone was working over a decade now for the Trademark protection and security with one of world’s leading Intellectual property firm from New York and proud to have a large team of experts who understand everything about Intellectual property protection.

We are headquartered in central Mumbai with offices in U.S.A and U.K.

The objective behind indiatrademarkwatch.com is to reach out to Entrepreneurs across the country and enable them to protect their trademarks without traveling to big cities where the Trademark offices are situated. Trademark registration and watch services are barely used in its entirety in this country like insurance services.

As the digitization of most of the services affects the common man and businesses, we believe the future for trademark registrations and TM watch is going to play a huge role in building value in businesses.

We look forward to support and help businesses to focus on their core competencies and generate higher profits while we guard their IP assets against misuse and infringements.

Let’s together build a transparent and ethical business environment in India.