Trademark Registration And Renewal


Registering a company name with the Registrar of Companies (ROC) is not enough to protect your trademark. It’s important that you register your trademark with the Office of the Controller General of Patents, Design and Trademarks in your respective jurisdiction/country to protect your identity where all your investments are present by way of goodwill, reputation and brand building.

A trademark once registered and established with its own equity and good will is an asset for any business to project its unique values and positioning to the consumers. Brand owners invest so much resources to strengthen brands and trademarks through advertising, promotions, through various media properties and ensuring certain associations with each brand to ensure its place in the minds of the consumers. Every country in the world allows businesses to register its trademark to avoid future disputes and unwanted litigations and distractions to business leaders.


Just as you took efforts to register your trademark, the benefit of registration can be kept ‘alive’ for an unlimited period by renewing that registration by payment of renewal fees, once its renewal is due.

The renewal process is not as cumbersome as the registration process and usually completed within a short period of time once the application to renew is accepted .

Ideally, you should apply for a trademark renewal by filing before the expiry date (minimum 6-9 months) of the mark. This will ensure you continue to benefit protection for your trademark without anyone challenging the same.