Trademark Watch

Covering over 180 available jurisdictions worldwide, our Trademark watch service is built around a state-of-the-art proprietary customized software, which processes all verbal and figurative trademarks published globally in order to pick up potentially confusingly similar third-party applications.

Our trademark analysts then review the automated results to ensure that you receive the results which will be relevant to your protected brands. We pride ourselves to deliver timely and accurate reports which provide you with all of the necessary data and tools to act against the potentially objectionable reported marks.

Whether in Arabic, Cyrillic, Chinese or Japanese, our coverage includes translations and transliterations of non-Latin character marks and the associated goods and services.
Significant advantages of our trademark watch service include:

  • Live and global reports
  • Vetting services designed to eliminate irrelevant notices
  • Cost effective, we do not charge by the classes and jurisdiction watch
  • Industry leading complimentary translation and transliteration services
  • Complimentary powerful and flexible watch portal
  • We provide figurative trademark watch with the help of a 2D recognition software to alert clients on possible infringement on their labels and logo’s
  • Volume discounts